Money Revolution Is Knocking at Your Door: Why You Should Be An Early Adopter

How can the meek survive when technology disruption steals most jobs?

We want to believe life is going well, the economy is working smoothly until it doesn’t. Housing prices are going to the roof, cars are getting pricy, the stock market is at all times high, and the party goes on.

On the other hand, tech devices, clothes, and services are getting cheaper (especially online).

If technology is causing a deflationary movement, why are certain things getting more and more expensive?

It seems we have two worlds colliding with each other, and they actually are. Why?

Robots will take most jobs, and technology disruptions will move into just about every industry, and we should be watching a deflationary environment with the cost of everything going down.

Governments will do everything to stop deflation and control inflation at 2 percent a year, so they can keep money printing to increase spending. It’s much easier for politicians to manage a country with endless budgets.


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