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Nuno Fabião


I’m from Portugal. Live in a city called Leiria. Currently I write on and DataDrivenInvestor. Also write about stock markets and financial investments. And finally I’m helping private clients and companies with brand stories that atract ideal costumers. 

Why Tesla is Going to be My Next 15-Year Investment

"Driving a Tesla is really a unique experience. There are several reports of people that swift from a Porsche to a Tesla. They say it´s a totally different experience. And I believe it is. Because Testa is not a car. It´s technology on wheels."

Trail running
The 7 Best Weapons to Transform Yourself Into a Running Machine

"Our body is an incredible machine. Sometimes it seems like a perfect organism. Everything works in a coordinated rhythm and you feel like a superhero. You feel the energy flow in your veins, you’re focused, and your body just pushes and pushes you up to heaven."

Running shoes
The Best Running Shoes for You

"Whether you do a 5k run or an ultra-marathon of 100 miles, everything has to happen in a synchronized way because every detail is important."

How Absolute silence has changed me

"Dealing with silence needs training. Start small. Start being with yourself just a couple of minutes and seek to find a little piece of silence. It’s ok to be afraid, that’s part of the process."

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